Spotting Map

Courtneypark Hill

43.67210929630877, -79.63968454583664

Great vantage point of 33R/15L from an elevated point.


A380 Gate

43.675817608300676, -79.61191289999988

Emirates will park there A380 at gate 173


Terminal 1

43.67999283475604, -79.6130822894338

Terminal 1 hold about 50 gates. Biggest operator out of here is Air Canada


Terminal 3

43.68491676590352, -79.6210001691361

Terminal 3 holds about 37 gates. Biggest operator out of here is Westjet


Fire Training

43.674584439641876, -79.65111215104116

If you see and airplane on fire in this general area, don't be alarmed. its the Fire & Emergency Services of YYZ training .


Air France Flight 358

43.6568667100106, -79.62453237189038

The final resting place for Air France flight 358, which skidded off of runway 24L on August 2, 2005.


Convair Drive

43.65965899005512, -79.62524329119333

A very popular infield spot for many. Remember to park your car in a safe area and keep your self safe. Very active road leading most traffic in and out of the infield of the airport


IFT parking

43.68058640938376, -79.63237724325154

Offers a great view across to Terminal 3. also gets you nice and close to taxiway echo and good view of 33R departure's


Infield Cargo

43.67705218711845, -79.63452537049306

Most heavy cargo operators will park at the IFC area and also many international carriers that have gone AOG find a home here


The roundabout

43.67714243070085, -79.63686774375674

Awesome infield view of movements on 15R/33L. A less popular used rwy around yyz


Arizonas/Aviation world

43.68400435378596, -79.59376233789953

The parking lot around this whole plaza is a great spot for activity on the 24's and 06's



43.67578080785624, -79.59395658392168

A good place for approaches to runways 24L and 24R. You're a little bit elevated so there aren't many obstructions.


Atlantis Cafe

43.6549303268691, -79.63513133494416

A decent spot to watch aircraft on approach to 06R and 06L. Final touchdown is obstructed by trees at times


Director Gate/Dixie rd

43.671945672280444, -79.67037368398451

A quite side road that offers views of rwy05 landings and rwy 23 takeoffs. usually lots of road parking, shade and grassy areas


Fedex Hill

43.68199420515583, -79.65973250298702

For those that have been around YYZ since the early days, you surely remember "FedEx Hil". This small hill was a great elevation to shoot without a fence in your way. The hill is no more but still a popalur gathering spot for all spotters. Keep your vechile parked to the l/h side of the road to keep the road open for emergency vehicle's if there need were to arise.


North Lounge

43.69315690161864, -79.65344079173519

A popular spot during weekends of the CIAS. Offering an up close view of all the displaying airshow aircraft. During none airshow weekends security is a little tighter as many private aircraft operate out of this area


Vanguard dr

43.69186613991726, -79.64657267337316

small parking area offers a view of 15L/33R from here. a less popular spot around yyz


Parking Garage

43.698252613361255, -79.63306640987866

great view of rwy 23/05 from the top deck of the 2-storey parking garage. Security is very present here, if asked to leave. Please abide by there rules.


Wendys Picnic Area

43.69633734587387, -79.63129073381424

A great place to bring your family. With many shaded areas, picnic benches, a grassy area. This place can be quite busy in the summer months. ear protection might be considered here for the little ones


Airport rd

43.695875565739669, -79.632154405117034

Standing up against the fence you feel the jetblast from the departing a/c or hear the wake turbulence of the landing a/c. A wide angle is perfect here or even a telephoto for those touchdown shots through the fence


Silver Dart dr


Great side/head-on views of touchdowns on runway 23 at this spot. There is a large jet wash wall blocking the view for touch-down but you can get some great shots of aircraft a few seconds before. Leave your car somewhere legal and out of the way and walk to this location. Parking at Wendy's is fine and it's only a quick walk across Airport Road.


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